LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Rick Snyder

Cogito Ergo Fui

Another spot on the actor's lungs
or an episode of planes drowning

(I grew my goatee for business purposes)

He failed to arrive repeatedly
earning a place in their hearts

The transcendent smog,
the lilting dais,
a familiar name
on the plastic tag

To have been or thought so--
was that the question

The crosshatchings represent
the planes' intersection
in real time

They developed a code for each
blank and copied it endlessly

The repetition of words:
Maple leaf, bazooka, sunspot, Maggie
The level of your serotonin reuptake:
wiffle bunt, spigot, stump, Esther

No matter how many laps
it's always the same pool
(Zeno's lament)

My favorite restaurant
has more than 2,000 locations
(Zeno's special)

With her head in her hands
she's always at home

Can you repeat the question
Excuse me

May you repeat the question?