The East Village

Maria Damon & Miekal And

from "...pleasureTEXTpossession..."

Seance of the Particulars

They finished each other's sentences, violating each other's intentions
in cameraderie of the Word, uttering respectfully the hoped for
persuasions. Light interrupts the crystal, defends its magnificence by
transgressing itself atlas siliconiferous trees bearing the weight of an

Desire backwards is erisedee.  Entity quo feminine quo lush   Each edge
in passionate articulation.  No where to defend, no body to interpret
pray to function and live to enter

We cannot suppose a creation which does not spring from love. The
moment of desire encircles the otherwordly universe in which i live.
Bloodweft & hollow, the migrant, the stitch sends me beyond all known
diasporas of rapture.  Held tight the rupture proceeds.  By trace of
clarity and nuance.  Icon phantasma

Seduce dont push. All forces are attractive within the realm of
attraction. Genetic hormones, magnetic cleft, soft tear in the fold of
utterance, knitted intentions akin.  ŻBottled, the cobalt rained dear
stars under foots of velvet skin.

Poise the slinks are creature of. Neither is my style baby. She said she
said. In deed is truther than.  Fiction is the remnant of an
unremarkable aesthete. Amen to that, brother again.  Queer sister such a
strange unfolding of intention and benevolence, such an oblique

The secret places in the body, where hands need each other. The solace
where he alone is most tempted into joy, that solitude, amounts to verb
suction, syllab fruition, text membrane affixed.  Coalesce symptoms,
heir abandoned, hermit singer and the pleasures of the anchoress

The manner of receiving the gift is curiously similar. Wholely
improvised and holy circular.

As long as you keep it in the text the openings are conclusive, the
marriage of tanglewit coaxed pliant.

Poesie speaks its unchainedness, embrace overcomes itself, languishes in
the comfort of yet to be had memories, nostalgia-serpents eating
themselves in circles, calamity boys sucking scars and spazzing into
self-healed poison. Hatched organ seduct.

Fragile edge, sad abundance. Where health is vitally criminal, wild care
for the body the temple is in.  The heart preempted, its lavish
invention  Oh, you mean THAT temple, made of gold, like the seal on a
king's ring, and a dome of ruby.  Yes, that temple I know. Well enough
to shine desire.  It was a miniature cosmos. A critic magic tramp she
enjoyed the lyric freedom of expended lust, handled flesh, encounter
trial by disguise and one strap beyond.

By whose reckoning do you come? My thoughts detonate in lacy jags,
anima of thirst at blaze when first the yearning comes. The seduction
eats the wake before the name becomes the torment.

Walking together across the wire so as to enter smoothly the
otherworldly universe in which i live. Snake attacks the coiled lovers
in jazz-smoke, unknowingly holy saxophone ember, it smote them where

Each text comingles, the edges splayed, embodied borders of "feeling"
punchdrunk saturation in templebabe air chamber oxygen tanked up

A new vessel with certain carvings unique to phosphene dreams;
blood offends them, but why should that be the taste in their mouth?
The friction of their play begat multiple wordlings, story-seeds,
legends-in-effigy, and lacy jags of cloud-spumata were spores of
imaginemes. Nomenclature of no particular case-study, the browbeaten
fanatic gives up and becomes a rainbow-burning phoenix deva.

Wet night where there was no dreaming & a memory of blood drought wicker
teeth point of ordination bloodpearl. Spatial coordinates narry the text
fluids, body syntax hosts the best branded name away from.

Late morning where the work went away and gaily awry...gaily awry she
smote the pressure, owned the disaffection, pricked the prick in its
lair and let the air in. Filtration prompts speculative quasi desire
on a leash, now it's working up

Where the floating bed was lighter than language because made of its
shadow he felt removed, not mirrored or maidened. The least effort
swerves in my zone, the clearing decomposed and mercifully so, with
great skill cut to the plot and found only a glistering sunstone

Flowers, their scent, the happen factory raptured in August, redolent
with anxiety the hint of chamomile shatters the glass the dream had
only to blow an even splendor pearl, the dark girl the woman had
married off too young

Coffee-drinker in the bystander cafe enters their word-world, bi-
whorled virtulescence of calendula and ginger.  In coffee: cardamom,
ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cumin.

Two ways appreciate interlopers appreciate depthdirect speechlove
more than dualist prisons. The meld is the hand where one is one more
caution to prohibit more than exhibit, permit more than limit. Prismas
replicate, theory, celestial fortunes grace those with heart-books
tucked into their sleeves. These slinks are interchangable, the lynx
winds into view.  The toothmother called upon to perform once too often

These little dolls at the foot of the bed are my children of stone and
yarn.  Their voices are not my innocence but daily my becomings.
Sallying into the old viae-et-moda rosebed, thorny imbalance o
kinksome to her who'd be the lost one until she composed herself as
the lavished one.  And even then, the misspelling landed her in an
otherworldly universe in which i live.

My sense as chocolate knit her brow, eatingly snakey because
medusa-esque the wild, the unhad, tamed her descent down the trellis of
her own unbraided length, wrapped strand, pearl twas beaded, laced and
worked so fine.  Sewn thru the skin, laced in, carded and barbed it was
nonetheless magnificent to all approaches.

Along courtknit capitalist practices she nonetheless deplored the
poverty of sensation that particular line was subject to without
broaching the subject, mister.  It was a terrific addition.

Weakened heart, summer tomatoes the splash of red mouthsome pleasure
dichotomy.  Who spilt whom?

Who holds who? They perpetrate their distance, penetrate their
unlikelihood as enjoyment the most, dig it--

	Signal the raptor SnakeHeart bears it away.