The East Village

Ray DiPalma


Dragged naked and wet from the icey river
then hauled away in a crouch
you've been lamped for a time-honored pilgrim
still falling backwards

Like a three hour matinee
up and down the scales
just wait until he finds the notes
with all his fingers -- you just wait until
the man gets there -- still bright and still
no warning -- knowing 
as he does what your money's worth --

I look at you and I see anyone else

Ragged chanters on the sagging gat yodel
reluctant anxieties, calm ironies and nimble pieties
delivered in song after song

Once all big tippers and nice to the help
one hundred percent legitimate
Now it's physical torture mental torture and
vig out the ass -- real aggravation

But I've got another deal for you...
Because you never know when
you're going to need something extra 

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