The East Village

Mark DuCharme

Feeder Kit

Extremely home, or
Noon my ward
The eyes criss-crossed
At those who would
Exteriorize this point blank set-up
Print module simulcast
As space which hits, or
Variegated fully
The bricks the leaves
Leave something un-
Perturbed by metro
Appurtenance disturbing
Apparent karma (coma)
A souvenir desert
& Pre-rinse conditioning diction
With addictions not settled
In real-time codas
& Absolute chameleon lunch
Not sweltered, you'd meddle
At pretense bar code-
Bon-mots but the given's
Plainting bloopers
& Unmet contractual effigies
Cross-hatch cylindrification
'Til my nom-de-plumes get dizzy
Fraternizing a trademark
Imbalance by emblems
Of you the rain
Stops here, this message
Erosion, loco global
Sodomy as memory
& The dead tin icing
Of total decoding
As you look into mirror
& Wonder if the viewer's
Market position or game plan
Will spoil its eking
Variability by arable
Defiance but I'm edgy
At partition flakes & low-
Rent bode as chill
Baring economy codeine
(Encomium) brick steeple
Blaring wares of warriors
& Cultural dispute bride
To swollen code as flicker
Soda beauty trading
Essence creepshow