The East Village

Mark DuCharme

Provisional Kiwi

Thanks, Sweetie. I would've nailed the heart-to-heart
But it rained, & I was cramped.
How about Friday? You look
Like you suddenly discovered
The doorbell is not your voice. Which is a line that you can use
Whenever the Girl in Black appears.

Shifting modes of a disinfection
We'd latched on to scrupulously
In order to fake the next brain-teaser.
But I wanted to tell you I got used it,
It's like sincerity, only more goring.

Let's trash the rondo. Vivaceous guest stars
Blur the luxury of a cool apartment.
Johnny get down from there!
You'll hurt your toes. But the mood grows
Obstinate as plastic spasms
We have the electric bulb to thank for.

Now, let's talk about us:
You have become one of my very favorite pests.
I've been wondering a lot about this idea of gnashing.
Some days, I'm a fruit peddler.
I can't bother myself.