The East Village

Mark DuCharme

Biblio Quiz

A promo in quantum
Airport dive-bar
Reflections on the colorwheel crackup
& Pennant of the calm punch
Tastes just like chicken, what do you
Foresee, mister? I got all goody-goody
In advance of the boob job evening report
Starts with an S, but I might be making that
Up, heat-sealed in a weatherworn
Skywalker remerchandizing bake-off protection.
You got that, Sport? But the world grows
Isolate & fake as a caring prod
In your Cool Whip, & I can't bleep out enough words
In Morse Code, which they're not using
Anymore, only these two hand signals
One of which means CRASH
The other one, I LOST MY STASH.

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