The East Village

Peter Ganick

podiums: autobiographical cafe fictions

[an extended project to be written from 02/10/00 to 12/31/00, no matter what.]

for Sheila E. Murphy

207] and why the agreement was less forthcoming literally changing the
music> nights and sheep in therefore to believe with a walking over
the wafted mitigation saying excuses made> conducive to lying down in
swoon> there be immanent literature in the fleeting awareness of craft
turning thistle to blindness> and with sly viridian nomenclature there
begins with a shame of needing more time space tiling those blankly
not the wonderful to blare oily noise starting waking> night shape in
the excessive lanyard stamen> precisely thought of with leggings in
tameness to exonerate either or a bad noise from handrails> now for
why to blast ironies lamenting those prattling voices> loading out of
the second hand emptiness limitless anywhere> nothing between earrings
in the folded restitution of grammar isolated formally thinking of
hidden selves in thought to bloss ventricles> mahogany lozenges
needing breaking down> one paramour to assent with self interest only>

208] turned into tuesday could haves> those proceeding with enmity in
violation of corrals dedicated romanticism starting it other all
formally the tryst value of demanding space to flame> the secondary
illbient manipulation already startled gathering a lost tangible
sprocket of suspicious malarkey> and skipping ahead or back> that next
limit offering attention to mandala> one's sorrowful exclamation not
the sitting posture> noises front the balance to escape from whose
whereabouts> not self of whose pulling trash out a dumpster changes
sleep posture> in androgynous coitus loaning truism from adept nuance
liens on the ethereal mitosis> evanescent omission serenely profited
upon taking altered assumptions not for less than worthiness>

209] quick flinch feeling bartered familiarly> an expanse of
mitigation with sundials oven proof in dasein similarity> not the
grammar checkpoint> with a hungered gun in flywheel> thin hearing to
blame> looking out however malleable those tailors farewell to answer
boxes the twenty five dollars of fusillade> as ownership those tailing
thinnest kick in partaken revelation all sizes aware of itself>


218] small animal approaching made whimpering noises at the doorway>
as amateur worldview> no wonder if the tongued note in the wooden
flutterbox shapes not going out ogres in theory some wash bothered not
using> smitten witless analyzed thinking shorn of blast nourishment
thistle bandolier the possibility of evil as evolution in necessity
temporarily the vowel notwithstanding attritive simulcast of googol
sleepily none of attendant less and less those parallel to modesty>
thymus wishful as thorax as throat how to evermore another not having
heard elsewhere blanketed peroxide> shipping charges senescent and
mindless thespian retuning lesions on beam> trouble with speech in the
glow of silence timed through a why and a what> cited as for being
with a soft smile of welcome song in hearsay> merciful and forgotten>
thensome as self promotional cartooning the image of what can be
sought infallibly wooden forms of whose unimposing tread on brood
earth boredom setting in on bassinet and corked winds>


235] as when thought tries release of space into aspect from a garden
formed inside tall waters> schemed from as too many those will but
assign from having with activation no hasp on the doorway tonic to
relaxation> as wearing a thinness with aplomb the invitation turned
down in frigid amazement too much in parallel of demand> as when those
wooden track shoes do no longer server whose affection held
mindlessness as awareness> seen for what hidden songs remove>

236] meet with screen darkening for a showing of movies> their
addiction grew into a flaring document of trial and error waiving
itself into typewriter scrambles into defensive anatomies> left to its
own divisions the remotely pure arrive> then to necessitate jarring
tosses into a wastebasket off handshakes with a prediction> lightly
spun not waiting for more than whose appreciation of correctness
assumes the absence is mitigated less than a flair> self in arrears
waiting as the doing assumes from a carnival of gems> met at the
borderline front and center as the saying goes> left to predict on its
own no having of shape in telling affect to bias of cruelty next to
acceleration grows intentional and pure> limitless as breath unfolding
in scarred lights telling theoretical movings where assurance
frequents what will not go away>

237] acting for the mildness in a warring faction> negated issues from
whose appearance thematic resilience gains promiscuity for its own
purposes regales in tempo nothing formal trying to land a job>
emplotment in the curious malediction of preview with arrangement too
lightly assigned> wherewithal infectious and greedy> parallel for
whose ignored loss iterated temptation unforgivingly the mellifluous
criminal mindset appallingly totalitarian and cruel> needing mendicant
beneficence to yellow blades' intention not buying out showtime
bearings> evanescent as midrange to believe and shut down in front>


242] easy as potency that issue related from happiness another world
soft and desirable> emulated fixates to breathe unfolding scratches in
dense matter around startled foci leaning rhizomes intent upon
displacement thinly addressed foreign assumptions laterally glowing>
got the small hideaways fell throat guillotine tomorrow's bind to
result restricted mandibles leaving town> necessitated formulae then
as prevented merging without a speech left to center> next advantage
anyone naked for therefore to bleed unsold garrulous managers in

243] not more telling than willful> that be bartered paint in essay to
blanket with immature lassitude feeling spendthrift rogue startled
tramp on schoolyard groundswell> toned through evocation with annoying
lariat in mesmerization glowing however limitless energetic
relationship spawned reactionary> will treasure for cash next to
walling off essential grit> near pylon and febrile tussle on sofa
orange or white the leanings with entity attritive asking melancholy's
appearance to limit arrangements with heads up for the bloated
reaction of travel to another site> on a situated melisma one cavorts
tellingly appeared in document invoiced and revolved around whose
paltry remoteness hastens a change of suture in demand related> garb
of who parks into a scheme reacted with noise following rack and
pinion meltaways naked through street windings mellow and ignorant of
alarm> unremorseful trajectory how motile to believe with sheep under
storyboard midlines curious as tilt a whirl in festival moniker
altering mindsets with energy> spatially the movement underfoot
witnessing attempts to relax>


246] relocated from philosophical cluelessness not having tonic
dominant lala land miscues ivory totalitarianisms without sprocket
with a blondish nature to cesarean> assuming alternate reactions will
arise noon of travel to space station groveling with a curio in pocket
shoving off the motion from happiness released> movieland in the face
of altered notions wilts from a garage sale nevertheless aroused in
farewell essayed seeking not hearing from gaining trap to fend off the
longer the silence the beast deleted and bozo filtered> hygiene of
finger in mouth dubious after all>

247] a willowy apprentice shares tiles too much for the exoneration
always referring back to selflessness cut down in not tolerant
mutations curious as defensive entrail of whoever notices more than
once a pat on the shoulder in friendship> as another poison for
grammar the special momentum grueling with attempt evenly slothful but
beautiful that being a strength to pay> attritive melancholy resuming
with appearance the dialing of creation in other more worldly
festivals without spiritual consciousness to array itself elsewhere>
in fertility the assumption of who promises feeling wary blighters
follow tossed salvation into the bucket of dregs left for woolen
animals> probed through whose filtration arrivals react with space to
lean out on the balcony reacting with essence lest the blot on the
suture is portal to memory in another state> grass roots is however
palisades work out in the gymnasium libertine valence to meet with
strangeness experienced limitlessly not getting touchÈ until making
sure it can see well>

248] that visual stronghold in culpable deletion witnesses nothing
betterment cares for iterative processes more than itself in negation
lost from the starving errata in one's mindstyle> circuits and
ductwork in a relationship to what one believes in negating with
streamlined velocity at another breakfast haughtiness could ask from
height to jar on the ledge> narrated from every morning then some
would weaken from sports gelling trash out of the cantankerous
migraine lemming in the strudel>


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