The East Village

Laurie Price


what follows down
an age whited out
insidious degrees into
falling is desire

be that rare extravagance
chemistry's daughter
sensed in a kiss
grace would multiply
or turn away from

as well to put
the necessary subjugations
wiles to limit
el reflejo ponderoso
or pondered in then

shouldered therefore 
notched by overtness  
itself, oriented
or turned away from  
in place of extremes  

they are rare can only engage
scarce of mood, scant of light
flooded by brilliance
daylight turned away from the moon
renounces things of things

the exquisite defines
the old uses evade
the senses closest to the world's
half of everything
in an attitude voiced

to be is not a mirror to be
falling at geography's edge
blindfold the syllables
from the blue things
wavering in artifice

wistful this night the stars breaking
whitely through a torn sky
which though transparent 
is all the same
radiantly twisting 

without visible power
high above the balance wheel
in its immensity to feed
what canšt be seen
a certain thinking scatters

adjusts to possible excess
some modest corner
to accommodate exuberance
middle latitudes that extend
distinctly outside the thing in question

given power
a seeming invention
is alive, possible
one would continue
to continue wholly

the last most human
moment, danger, critical need
removes the use situation of a thing
from something 

extrinsic tho' not containable
to carry across a flat stretch
suggests abundance, thought
to make the possessor invisible
performer of secrets

be that one extravagance
tilled, locked in a glance
upsetting the whole
angle of incidence
variable surface diffusion

desire masterminded
limited by possession
an afferent nerve arousing
increased action of the part
that it supplies

the oath given 
to context, connections
negotiated by two, twined,
twinned, measurable intersections
fractured by limits

more indiscretion than frank
or confined to opposite
attractions, strained to be
overtaken, likewise
attempting to achieve a desired

volume, details to register
the combustible substance
other words balance
in a timepiece containing 
would stem the furies

from burying what asks to be
given, forgiven, ennobled
by difference, how hard
the muscled heart doubled
shrinks in its logic 

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