Let's Do Talk is an independent movie with a Japanese/English crew and multinational cast that takes all the worst (and funniest) stories you've heard about bad English schools and weaves them into one story. Let's Do Talk is the name of the school, purportedly in Shibuya, and the fly-on-the-wall "documentary" follows the teachers and students through one month as the academy staggers towards disaster.

Let's Do Talk is produced by Naomi Nishimura and directed by Toshiro Inomata. Screenplay by John Collick and Paul Davies.

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Still shows the documentary linkman in front of the closed school.

The secretary at the start of a new day.

Two schoolgirls being conned/bored into joining.

"Let's Do Talk Introductory English Video 1: Hector & Helen of Troy".

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John Collick & Paul Davies