1. Volusian Music

Like ill-chosen words to a justly chastened speaker, our
      admired winged creatures at each flight's end have no
      place to go save where they started.
Only this solitary bird, common in garb, uncommon in ability,
      taught gradually to justifiably disavow its nominal
Recognizes a place from which a journey begins as in no case
      a place where such a journey should validly end;
And therefore the unfailing object of the carrier pigeon
      (whether for love or money!)
Will be, jumping clear into heaven, to flutter towards a
      distant landing.

In our city where all are besieged, each man and woman of
      us is invidiously and painfully beset.
The enemy has sundered all ways whereby we might transcend,
      even abjure this perfectly severed state;
We, our own enemies, permit few words to pass between us,
      fewer even with a weight of poetic joy.
The expert pigeon rises confidently over us freighted with
      our bemused injunctions,
And in like manner you, making the gift of harmony your object,
      compelled the word to become winged and avidly heard.

The East Village Poetry Web
Harry Mathews