Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Jack Collom

			for Jackson Mac Low
Thanks, Anna
barblurs offend-thee yellow taxis
	shielded militarism infancy decline
	Arch of White Roses shaking blunt
	steel prolong
minor danger bite match unsettling
	red... sea footnotes rush of air
	otiose moods browsers
	go fuck igloo
activity rug sort of engine echo cheeks
capital chalice surgery tin steam
no hard gasoline intimately full
ease diminished static fringes
measure back snow
trust fatigue breeze protein
olid spathe loquence peavey nolition surd burgoo
	fugal deforce foliant
hull sequence buried than pebbles betray

	shade space provided glass case
	exports leap violet stirred
	tins of sky three pistol
	courtesy spine nursing
	hips solidifying packed-rocks window
	flat emotion funds faint clutching
	red-painted bedding kicks mutton cafe
	sombre efficiency soon walks theory
	marimbas genres episcopal grieves
	toast flux more time rope neglect
	hobbies wingnuts coughing of envelopes
	new weather ciphers black sound
	activities crescent peas force the
	destruction of wealth