Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Mark DuCharme

Snare of Daydreams

Classified as dark, but not revolving
I'll take my chances with the sisters
After glimpses, concretized
In a jettison or hush
Snowbank downloader reflector
Ad hominem fruitcake
Twisted in a wicker, results
From misnaming
Yet the intermittent job was fuzzy,
Almost a brass ring under the piano I hadn't
Shaken or discharged as roses
Come leaping, to the next
Frame, understood by the greedily needled
Evidence of tract homes
Abandoned on a prairie
All I have to do is whistle, or punch up my resume
While refusing to punch out the source of the start-ups
You were too broke to fix
In your free-fall development
Like "quimsy" in Petrograd
Tractored on the head of a pin.