Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Robert Fitterman

Bird Piss

	a phonetic transaction with Brian Kim 
	Stefan's Angry Penguins

Pen Celia's hymn in-
	sufficient Judiasm worship in Dupo
type low at the knees
     	the trickle, aegis
                     		taught pullcartifice
               	to railroad Christian
                     		thoughtfuls what the fuck
               	to do? Wesleys, Hollis'

patent called Crane's glue on
     	shag, a peel off    
full mercifully time traveled
     	quarter pole bottoms out-
                       		house left--in
                	Dupo's majesty we're in
			like a good citizen shunned.

Wow-wow grunts ov-
      	er burnt rope
swine in spine hems
      	the absolym creed
			widened mao or
	       	tell them, oh czar be
			tzar times the norm.
	       	Then Osip meddles in

perjury stars without
     	consolation ephemeral
indies to endure
     	mabel'd maidens sway
			class of one, nonz
	       	re-set Dupo map up
			won stunted exit exam.