Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Robert Fitterman

        A National History of Popular
           Music & Letters, Vol. 1

Carry on my strewn soaring e-mo-tion
There'll be bench burring hotly beyond
Largely elliptical blurted illusion
Lay your weary taste is meager don't you
Cry no more e-mo-tion every done
Potato means more stormy con-fus-ion
But I flew too high the barren touchless-
Ness of memory carry on my way
Under neon ocean don't you cry no
More football sea of emotion and if
I claim to be a chickenshit button
It surely means that I won't go soaring
Ever higher stormy cleats when you
Are done don't you cry of the shakes no more

(Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas w/ Miles Champion)