ivory mantle piece
grandmother's sideboard
returns kerosene lamp
wicket copper teakettle
round drawers and stash
upon stash cut glass
gargoyle chair handles

	peaches lie 
	apricots seeds
	round rows counted

	eye gash sharp
	scar only cats
	can see no now
from antique mirrors
stained marble white
paint falling throat
pressed tin ceiling
great soft seal coat
spider skin purple
broach black shoes

lavender rayon shroud
without blinds behind
she'd want it that way
quilt scrap scarab
sewn ancient luxury
table glue kindling chip
half split hickory stem
hinged maple doors
ten pound breasts

doctor knew too late
mother's milk disease 
afraid of stork stone bills
dying miles outside landscape

	giant angel begonia
	frozen in a tub
	cut down stubs
	pink blooms return 
	cherries in applesauce 

For Lindy Hough & Richard Grossinger

The East Village Poetry Web
Charley Shively