Sheila Murphy

Turn away policy, dim light of the recesses, curvature and lung

Ideas break open space until . . . submissive fault lines pierce the fixed
indicative white pairs of lengthwise crosses.  Between two yards are trees and
fences. And between tipped spaces breathing in the yards are houses.  The
budget for defense responds to darker parts that hasten to seem selves in
absence of some fictive ornaments arranged to light what can be answered,
gathered, freed. Changing definitions of a self.  The factors of abbreviation
pry open meaningless alternatives to power. What prompts absolute release,
what helps submission field the many questions?  Seen connotes redoubling the
effect of windowing a word, a pact, a wrong turn at the right point in a
sequence.  As yet defensible, though ripe enough to be a left-out portion of a
universe hypothesized as licenses allow more than deliberation.  When a thing
evolves into communication with the others, who will be needed when life forms
materialize over the many years?

Houses with information, small storied inference considerable

Minds having mussed the filaments, the loaves, the indices