Sheila Murphy

An overhang, some of the vagrancy immersed in the redemption

Who reasons followance, a clam that shines, a bulk of mud, a wrist of
kindling? The notable allure of boundaries offers ideas of transcription,
simple nativity in a line of shelter and of fallen, crisp, indelible repair.
Are we a dozen?  Filmed textures lie to us at whose behest?  The silver in a
frame fades from the summons.  Hereby presentable, a blade of normative verb
properties so slow as to be threaded white.  Endeavor is a cinch to color
seldom planted blue.  The thin tirade accomplishes in touch imagined, freed.
There is a little happening, recorded.  Order mentions what would be possible
as furnished or unfurnished languor.  Suppose viola clef were true.

Mid-language shifts in an economy, the doldrums braided, vectored, seasons
showing part of trace

What amounts to quantity, a chained series of morsels once