Douglas Barbour
After 'the futurist moment'

Sometimes still treading water
                                70 years on

        "Have 'I' told you lately that 'I love you'"

& with what images              --taken
                wed say that    wouldnt we
                        --who do you think youre fooling        anyway

of the skys pain     all
        that grey &     fall
                ing     (tears

'we' can fall too    into that whirlpool
        forever whirling on the outside  (k)not
        quite   neither
        in nor out

                        not the mainstream
        but the forceful 'push'
                that 'break'
        which in itself would have thought                      [we]
        to be

        it wasnt

        & so that very I
        is still

        treading the turns of an old way        lost                to all but unconscious


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