David Bromige
Bowering & Nothingness

The Great List stops its seething & just about then
my daughter overhea(r)d ceases singing "Monotony"
Quietness holds the house  Time to remember when
The dead were the living, and living gloriously
I write on the HD      "Here come the Blues"
Then empty & spent space on the silvery screen
Switch on the radio   Tune in for some news
But compared to the past the pickin's are lean

Hey! back at The List Bowering's laying it down
Sounds 'on' tonight   Right re my shyness
Damnable trait   Kept me out of much trouble
Recognized with hisself, he too a class clown
So I'm sending this mash-note to His Royal Highness
Happy to be for a spell in his half-public bubble

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