David Bromige

(Rilke into Californian)

        Man, where'd the time go? Detroit?.
        But summer was really, really great.

        Stand that side of the sundial, will ya?
        I want to dig the shadows.

        Robert Duncan's freaking in the meadow.

        Those apples can't get a whole lot riper.
        Give em a couple more hot days.
        My friends who have the winery are already making the wine.

        It's getting chilly, nights. If you don't have a pad by now,
        Too bad. If you're not seeing someone
        You're likely stuck that way, they went back to school.

        Crack a book yourself. Write in Starbucks.
        Go walkabout downtown. [Time passes]. Hey, lookit
        the leaves, wind, etc. doing their thing. Rustle rustle.
        Contrast and compare yourself. Cool!

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