Clint Burnham


woman's stretched tights and bathing suit on the sunny sidewalk cops
looks like cocainer turned health purger crud ripped back ella with a
guitar vacuous rallying date pop pig & tow-headed future serial
rockist against suck step-mom's cousin are from the poor side wet side
rags built-in ping-pong room with minders quite often include another,
better and more attractive alter ego, but how often SNOW Cap HIS have
they included an Everlite tin what soldiers parents call a barrack box
misremembered go home & watch the beaver mr. freeze's yard fits in a
bin comparing and using value of information in flaccid decision
mockery spring cleaning's 12 bags marks money mart greetings a
pamper'd crack'd pipe'd and getting a lake on the prairie a near
mistake those who read travel books for somewhere else next to those
who read foreign books for here here perhaps the same three month
stretch time of year same roll of film but different year earlier by a
decade being called n-word lover vs being called n-word after the
jaunt as a liquor store demonstrator way before incised socks dare to
lick your kids off drugs the city becomes a walking parade ground of
punk isn't dead instructions and reminders the goddess of  an other
advice we forget was weird one syllable in a rush to collapse the tent
pull up stakes from dinosires better hedge the lawn's put outside
office coffee on and in and in then out daily putt bus flex vatos
warning no colour septnoia pissed off cause beer me bitchin' V-8
spouse-All and avoid swollen fabric vatic leave the crumbled curb for
coming home late to listen to rock cowboys wait coldpiss the next day
how are locks to know if they're on the trunk uncovered with slop that
denote somewhere named after somewhere for foam and net pool ball hats
Boston Bar Princeton Yale Spuzzum aren't black beer there anyway,
right? uh, right wasn't paying attention yeah so anyways goes here
comes that damned curb of nocturnal clods how does it work to think up
a world with no tvs or magnifying glass renaissance sketches
impossibly detailed in like cable does one world succeed another with
slide or home page regularity churning constipated disk-whir diarrhea
chugs all from the comfort of the foam pad you call chesterfield to be
here in the world and no where else tho reading words that later the
next day reappear as elevated macaroon elegance jackets repeat the
offer of rock fer your face's face and concentrating takes steps to
force repent sinner proclivity into fuckin kick it submission you're
in my tank top drawer her leg out the car door to her knee toenails
splayed these bun feet are good for kids and pets plastic patients
prod accidentees now this is real with budgets stretched thin-low cost
video systems the smell of a chance to move the markers forward their
arms in disgust sorry the kid died when the addict shot the bleeding
heart chief qwagulated paint where a lot of narcotic hounds come to
forget their who's what's, where's, and only dids diesel's dark
eyecore fishnacks region's oft Wilfy's the lullapalusa's wholesale
importation and nationalization horny toad country 2 for your pal or
mine yeah i know yeah i know yeah everyone signed his celestine

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