Louis Cabri

Welcome to the Gas Age

Reap week wall it
repays playdough
om doom Eeyore
out.  Analysis no longer required

displayed political
conviction from the me
dia, specular agency

in in
ternational markets defends capital
interest, let alone interest
in this with

out spelling it
of the game.  The safe bet
pets the pet.  Finch

hitters are quitters.  Liars (tiniest nominalist 
walk.  Coin
crumbles like the rest of it

spilling out, but for a hounddogAs 
mouth.  Convinced
"if I cash my head
above the change

while I'm still far away
I'm in range."  Next exit
text haven.  "Agents of change sign on
anything."  Zephyrs

to their lairs requesting 
crosshatching for heritage status
blowjob.  Grease oozing back
as truth in accounting

firmsA pipes.  Expressions
of thatchwork counterculture.
"Your ducts & grease --

"Feeling exposed gives me narrative
balls massage."  "I'm a 
PG retiree."  "Free
Feed Feelings." 

But don't counter your thatchwork before it's well laid,
or go gormless into the rooter, the motor, 
the rotor, the skooter -- 
the metaphors 

matching socks.  Take a wheezer.
Multiply it by national parks. 
Add a buyout. 
Then offer noun asylum.

As a great leavener of human sediment
the partyAs "can do" reactor 
opens all fudged lines
tie-dying universals.

The Soreshit Enterprise life
still forms from Greimas's grid.
A grey mass puckers the lid
"& no plugs allowed...."

Swab the grease.
Iffy cultural swabs
a place with taste
in Kaloua with the law. 

Lawyer yayas out
side.  Flaps
jack looks up "bigfry"
in ideological dermis

-- as charged.  Massive
waste sitter 
hangs the atom out:
hung-up in shingles.

"NothingAs left
inside except insides
of the outside, which are paid
for which you have to pay."  

Explains basement paranoia 
about windows
& sign on door: "Stranger
lives here."  Lone

lake lot
prop. your prime
ticket chargeAs skid

mark on the ass
vault & "gimme a sign,"
form extruded from 

executive fineprint
in the haystack of freedom
to burp a camel.
The pompopus

came perilously close
to the ex
it ting
uish or tinc

tion sign in
lobby of love
where monitors roam
at the counting table 

of PembrokeAs arcade.
"Goes for broke
but just keeps on licking
the papers."  Canadian 

de Sadeians
for the Pollution of Onlookers
invite you to their annual Gunny Breather. 
Paralysis no longer required

series of substitutions 
on backs of tried phrases
goes this far appraising 
"public" language, after "private"

structures social gaps.
"Gunny Quilture Sacks Fall Lineup."
"Hemmed Still Ditches Uncertainty."
"Quitter Currents Jam Picnic Hopes."

What they say the
lips parade.
A fall for it.
Composition by wreaths.

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