David W McFadden
Marriage Talk

The servant is blushing with marriage talk
but Ichiro causes tears to spring from her eyes
when he says marriage isn't worth a blush,
one pays dearly for marital pleasures
and her character will be destroyedmore 
surely than if she'd remained unwed.

Ichiro loves to stare into the sky.
He says the sky makes life worth living.
Autumn is his favourite season.
But there are few days even then
that live up to his expectations.
His aged father has become
temporarily obsessed with morning glories
and Ichiro's wife is becoming more
interested in Jiro, Ichiro's brother:
in fact they've already spent a night 
together in a Wakayama hotel
during a great storm with high winds
and a sonata of waves smashing against
the concrete breakwaters under their windows
which were open because of the heat.

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